Friday, 20 November 2015

We are on Product Hunt and SOLD our first territories...

Hello everyone,

I kind of neglected this blog so far, but decided to give it a try.
First of all, thanks a lot for the requests/support which have been pouring in since we launched! :)

I'd like to share some remarks/thoughts on the experience so far:

  • Well, there really have been a great traffic, and I'm trying to keep up with the requests...Please be patient, you'll get on the map, IF your reservation seemed legit/valid enough and you stuck to our 'keep it clean' policy (scroll down a bit to see it)
  • We have SOLD our first territories too! Just to name a few:
  • NOTE: reserved territories can be purchased any time - If you are willing to pay a one-time fee for the territory, you can replace the current owner and the territory is yours permanently!
Please, if possible share/like/follow us, it really helps our credibility and social proof and once you are on the map it is in your interest too :)

We are on:

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